The database for immunologically relevant noncoding-RNA (IRNdb) was developed foremost to aid our research into microRNA-regulated and lncRNA-regulated processes during mouse tuberculosis infection. However, microRNAs in particular influence a wide variety of biological processes and as such may influence many pathways of the immune system. Thus, we present IRNdb to the wider research community as a tool to harness information on microRN-, piRNA-, and lncRNA-regulation in immunological research.

IRNdb combines information about mouse microRNA/piRNA/lncRNA => target regulation with information about the targets themselves, e.g. relevance to immunological processes, pathways, Gene Ontology terms as well as a variety of immunologically driven experiments. This is done to develop an understanding of the influence of the different RNA classes on the immune system. In IRNdb we focus on target genes with known immunological relevance in mouse and/or human that we mined from several sources.